Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dress Me Up

I really want the dress on the right. Yes the other outfits are nice but I love that dress! This is a collection by Gucci in Milan Fashion week. I wish I could wear the dress on the right. It would look good on anyone!
I think these people look to angry to be wearing Burberry. I love the first picture, both look great! However the second picture the guy's outfit look slightly off by either the jacket or shirt. Oh well cute.
I LOVE KATY PERRY! However her style usually is so crazy that I would never be able to wear it . I love this dress and I think she can really pull off any look.
There is something that's so beautiful about this gown. Rihanna hasn't been on my top favourite dressed celebrities but I think she has potential. I want this dress so bad!
I know I'm not graduating yet but its the time for me to start looking at prom dresses. This dress is beautiful, I love the colour. I wanted to paint my room this colour but I would rather wear it. I love the sequin strap.
I might not be in love with her music but I may be in love with her style. Most celebrities tend to stay away from white but her petite figure does this dress justice. I would want to wear this but the dress seems very strappy.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Top Favourite Colours of The Season

Woah. She looks so fashionable but she reminds me of Paris Hilton. I Love the outfit and the colours but I'm sure her outfit cost $$$$$! CUTE THOUGH.
Lately I've been obsessed with blazer suits. She really does this outfit justice. So many celebrities have been rocking the simple white blazer suit but honestly I think this light pinkish colour is to die for.
All these looks are great for the summer! The coral pink colour is trending. You can wear this colour in different styles, as Kourtney Kardashian does it.  My favourite look is the second one, but I love the blazer on the right side. 
LOVE HER DRESS! The back is very cute and flirty but sophisticated as well. This bright yellowy tone is trending. NEXT MUST BUY!
YES! Finally some casual looks that I would wear. I love the length of both outfits. Pay attention to the soft pink tones. Whether it is a pair of shorts or a cute skirt, pink will can never go wrong.
Aww! She looks so pretty. I would totally wear this casual but sophisticated outfit. Like I mentioned the pastel colours are really trending. I love that coat!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spring Into Fashion

I like how casual these Spring outfits are. I need to buy some biker boots but I think this look is very safe for any body type. A very easy outfit to pull together. CUTE!
I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! I have the grey sweater from American Eagle but I need to buy that cute dress, and killer boots!

WOW! I need to buy a pair of this pastel shade of turquoise skinny jeans. I love how this outfit looks so dressy but weather appropriate. CASUAL but FANCY.

She looks so cute, I love the pop of colour from the blazer. I would wear the cotton dress and  dress it up with any coloured blazer.

This can be worn with stockings to dress it up but if you're going for a more casual look its cute as is. I would totally wear this in spring. 

I love this look! She looks very stylish but casual at the same time. This is definitely the way to go for Spring.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Welcome To The Streets

The green blazer goes well with the shorts. The patterned shorts still give off  a modern look because of the stockings and collard top.

I would totally wear this outfit! Perhaps change the shoes into a different colour like black or something neutral. I feel like the heels takeaway from the beautiful dress.

She looks so cute! The bag is slightly off but the outfit is very bubbly.

 The skinny jeans do her long legs justice! She looks  like a model  and  the red lip goes well with the blazer.
You can still look professional without being boring, use bright colours. She reminds me of Victoria Beckham.
I love how her boots give off a more masculine vibe but do not take away from her fun, bubbly outfit.